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Philipp is studying business informatics at Freie Universität Berlin and is currently writing his master’s thesis in collaboration with mayato. He’s a student employee and enjoys tackling SAP-related challenges. Philipp values the open communication and creative thinking at mayato.

“As a student employee at mayato, I work directly in the area of SAP. I work on solutions for complex projects and can develop my full potential much better than I could in a conventional student job. Here, I have the freedom I need. I can organize my working hours myself, so I can concentrate on my studies at exam time. Everyone at mayato is open and helpful. For instance, I’m currently writing my master’s thesis about SAP and data science. Lots of colleagues approached me because they’re interested in the subject, and I gained some new perspectives. After I graduate, I definitely want to stay at mayato. mayato gives me the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge. And in the team, I can simply be myself.”

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