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Paolo worked for a telecommunications company for seven years before joining mayato. Now he’s Head of the SAS Unit. Four questions about what he enjoys and what his plans are.

Paolo, what are your tasks as head of unit?
I organize the individual projects at our customers and coordinate my team members’ assignments. From a practical point of view, I take care of all the processes in the value chain – from customer acquisition and presales through project realization and coordination to billing.

Why did you choose mayato?
I had a number of interviews with various companies. I had a gut feeling mayato would be the best choice. And I was right – it all turned out to be true. Everything in the job ad matched the job itself and mayato was 100% honest.

What makes working at mayato different?
At mayato, there’s simply a special team spirit. New colleagues are immediately accepted and supported. Everyone’s approachable – employees, team leads, and the management. We all have a very open mentality, and the corporate culture is very open, too.

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to explore and develop lots more exciting topics. The SAS team is already very successful. Now I’m working on setting up a second team and making it equally successful.


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