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Nadine Heigert is Head of Talent Management. She loves getting amazing people passionate about mayato and inspiring them to work here – and she’s an excellent example of how great it is to combine work, family, and fun.

“I’m fascinated by the consulting industry. Every day is different. As well as the variety of topics, there’s diversity among the people here. We have very different personalities, professional backgrounds, and jobs. There’s plenty of flexibility, too. For example, mayato enables me to organize my working hours so that I can spend lots of time with my children – that’s quite rare among employers. The team spirit really is fantastic, which isn’t always the case in the consulting sector. We’re a young, dynamic bunch with a firm belief in personnel development – literally: Everyone should be able to develop in their chosen direction. We have a ‘do it!’ culture. If someone has a good idea, they’re supported and encouraged to pursue it. And there are the great team events, as well. We’re not a major corporation, but a young, agile company where anyone can make things happen!”

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