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Caroline studied statistics and is now Team Lead Data Science & Advanced Analytics at mayato. She has a wide range of tasks – from interviewing talents through supporting her employees to creating project solutions for customers. What she appreciates most about mayato is the diversity and variety.

“As a team lead, I’m responsible for my amazing employees. I work together with experienced people, including mathematicians, physicists, and economists. I set myself and my team high standards. The most important thing is that they’re okay with it. I really enjoy consulting at mayato, because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for each customer. There simply isn’t. No two customers are alike, and they all need tailored solutions, which means we need unconventional ideas. That’s why it’s great that mayato has so much confidence in every single employee. Every day here really is different, especially because the industry is booming – and we at mayato are among the frontrunners.”

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