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Benjamin is a student who works at mayato while studying business informatics at Humboldt University in Berlin. “I came across mayato at a careers initiative at university. I like working in the IT sector. mayato makes lots of things possible, if you know what you want.”

Benjamin works in the Data Science & Advanced Analytics Unit and appreciates the fact that suggestions are welcomed. His work also dovetails neatly with his studies. “For example, I’m currently working on a project where I’m putting one of my own ideas into practice with a Raspberry Pi mini computer. The next step will be a presentation for customers. Practically every day is different and I find that the work is good for my studies and, vice versa, what I learn at university benefits the work I do.

He’s impressed by the mayato team spirit: “The much-quoted team spirit definitely exists here at mayato! We’re a diverse bunch who work together in a relaxed atmosphere. Our team leads give us lots of freedom, which isn’t necessarily normal. At the same time, the team sets itself high standards and we have really in-depth subject knowledge. That’s why there’s such a tremendous amount of learning potential for beginners.”

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