Wir sind überzeugt, dass Zusammenarbeit und Erfahrungsaustausch entscheidende Erfolgsfaktoren sind – für uns und für unsere Kunden. Aus diesem Grund sind wir bereits seit 2017 Teil einer internationalen Unternehmensgruppe.

Doch nun sind wir bereit für unseren nächsten großen Schritt: wir setzen unsere 14 Jahre Expertise von mayato in einen größeren Zusammenhang. Aus 7 internationalen Marken der Unternehmensgruppe wird eine neue starke Marke:

Wir freuen uns, damit unser Portfolio erweitern und Ihnen einen noch größeren Mehrwert bieten zu können. Alle spannenden Informationen dazu finden Sie auf unserer brandneuen Website: careers.positivethinking.tech

Positive Thinking Company – Let’s do something great together!

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team player. team spirit. team mayato.

More than 10 years of mayato!

And we’re still inspired.

team player. team spirit. team mayato.

Please take a seat.

You’ll hardly find a nicer place to work.

team player. team spirit. team mayato.

Our senior consultants are eager to meet you.

And we’re sure you’ll be a perfect fit.

We have plenty to offer!

We’ve kept it brief. Of the several hundred reasons why mayato is an exceptionally attractive employer, we’ve selected just 10. We don’t want to exaggerate or show off. But we have such friendly teams you should meet, such fantastic projects. And we have proof of our excellence. It’s best to get to know us personally. That’s really simple: The events we’re attending are listed below, as is all our contact information.

See you soon!

Ten Reasons

to turbocharge your career with mayato

1 Hierarchy? What’s that?

We don’t behave like a big corporation. Our doors are open, including the management team’s. We’re open-minded, have fun, support each other. As soon as your contract is signed, we’re on first-name terms. That’s part of our team spirit.

2 Excellent. And we can prove it.

Of course, we’re an excellent team – for both our customers and our employees. We bear the “Top Consultant” seal, were named one of the “Best Places to Work” in ITC in 2016, and are highly recommended on kununu, too.

3 Freedom. You got it.

We offer short decision paths, an informal atmosphere, and plenty of freedom, because we’re a very virtual team. Our consultants are out and about, get to know new cultures, people, and projects. You’ll get first-hand experience, guaranteed.

4 Attractive. Especially our conditions.

You get a bonus model, company car, BahnCard, and work-from-home options – tailored to your needs! Immediately or one after the other, depending on your experience. With 30 days annual leave and permanent contracts, we want everyone to feel secure and valued (financially, too).

5 Tools. At the forefront.

Modernity is a must. We have the latest methodologies and leading-edge tools, so you’re superbly equipped for working at the customer, at home, anywhere. We foster efficient working and create an optimal environment for it.

6 Career development. Unlimited (well, almost).

Anyone can fast-track their career with us, providing they want to: student employees, team leads, regardless of gender, age, or which soccer team they support. Everyone gets responsibility, too, because we invest in everyone, individually. We promise.

7 Team spirit. It’s legendary.

Many companies claim to have it. Few really do. We’re one of the few, and ours is legendary. Everyone here will agree. Dedicated, friendly, helpful, and much more – that’s us. Team spirit can be elusive, but we captured it.

8 Team meetings. They’re out of this world.

We couldn’t be boring, even if we tried. Our MTMs are out of this world. Cool locations and events, from rafting to murder mystery dinners and hiking. We meet in the most happening cities. There’s (nearly) nothing we look forward to more.

9 Work-life balance. Vital for everyone.

With work-from-home options, various working time models, and more, we’ll bend over backward for you to be flexible. If the project and the customer allow, plenty of things are possible. That’s the advantage of our highly virtual top consultancy.

10 International. People and tasks.

Diversity is the norm for us. It applies to the people who work here and the projects we implement, including assignments abroad. Variety spices up our lives. And that’s the way we like it.

Want to get to know team mayato?

Anna, Benjamin, Caroline, Paolo, and many more mayato team players look forward to meeting you. And so you can put faces to these names, allow us to introduce you to them and others, too. For example, Alexander, Nadine, Benno …

Duy, Senior Consultant and Project Lead, SAS Team

Duy is Senior Consultant and Project Lead SAS Reporting at mayato. He has worked at mayato for more than 10 years, making him one of the most experienced consultants. So, why has he been with us for so long?

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Benno, Junior-Consultant, SAS Team

Benno is a junior consultant at mayato. He already joined mayato as a student employee while he was studying for a master’s degree in business informatics at the University of Würzburg. Later, he wrote his thesis with us. Seven statements from him:

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Anna, Project Manager, Presales & Marketing Team

Anna is a project manager at mayato. She already worked for mayato as a student employee while she was studying for a master’s degree in business informatics at Ludwigshafen University. After graduating, she stayed with us. Seven statements from her …

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Philipp, Student, SAP Team

Philipp is studying business informatics at Freie Universität Berlin and is currently writing his master’s thesis in collaboration with mayato. He’s a student employee and enjoys tackling SAP-related challenges. Philipp values the open communication and creative thinking at mayato.

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Patrick, Consultant, Analytics Platforms Team

Patrick already wrote his master’s thesis in business informatics in cooperation with mayato. Today, he’s one of our consultants. He usually works on site at customers, to optimize their processes. mayato also gave him the time and space to fulfill a dream: He traveled to 11 countries in Southeast Asia in nine months.

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Paolo, Head, SAS Team

Paolo worked for a telecommunications company for seven years before joining mayato. Now he’s Head of the SAS Unit. Four questions about what he enjoys and what his plans are.

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Karin, HR Business Partner, HR Team

Karin is HR Business Partner Talent Management at mayato. She looks forward to hiring new talents – and loves seeing her colleagues excel themselves. But how did she find her way to us?

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Nadine, Head of Talent Management, HR Team

Nadine Heigert is Head of Talent Management. She loves getting amazing people passionate about mayato and inspiring them to work here – and she’s an excellent example of how great it is to combine work, family, and fun.


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Benjamin, Student, Data Science and Advanced Analytics Team

Benjamin is a student who works at mayato while studying business informatics at Humboldt University in Berlin. “I came across mayato at a careers initiative at university. I like working in the IT sector. mayato makes lots of things possible, if you know what you want.”

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Alexander, Consultant, SAS Team

Alexander is a consultant at mayato and works in the SAS Team to make data “speak.” “I love new technologies. As consultants, we should always be one step ahead and at mayato, we’re at the forefront, so we can offer our customers the perfect solution.”

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Caroline, Team Leader, Data Science & Advanced Analytics Team

Caroline studied statistics and is now Team Lead Data Science & Advanced Analytics at mayato. She has a wide range of tasks – from interviewing talents through supporting her employees to creating project solutions for customers. What she appreciates most about mayato is the diversity and variety.

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Every one of our projects is unique!

We promise you one thing: You won’t be bored. We’ll make sure of that, as will our many exciting customer projects. Our mayato teams enjoy challenges, so don’t expect normal. We make special things happen. Our customers value what we do, and we love what we do. Want some examples? Here are five formidable projects.

Predictive maintenance: life-saving. We keep large medical devices up and running.

Siemens Healthcare set up a SAS Platform (BAS platform) to predict the failure probability of large medical devices. Our mayato team advises the customer and implements subcomponents, for example, to integrate SAS, Teradata, and Hadoop. Another challenge is to give 3,500 users worldwide access to the new data center. Thanks to mayato, everything runs smoothly. But there’s more work ahead: A cloud environment with the new SAS architecture is already in the pipeline.

International software rollout: colossal. We bring solutions to 23 countries.

mayato has taken on numerous tasks in an IFRS 9 software rollout. It’s one of the biggest IT projects in the bank’s history, totaling tens of millions of euros. Our mayato team is directly responsible for a whole range of complex tasks, from project management through subprojects to international implementation in 23 countries worldwide.

Detection strategies: SAP at its best. Fraudsters don’t stand a chance.

mayato is designing and implementing detection strategies and methods in a sensitive project for a company in the financial sector. The objective is to detect cases of fraud on the basis of SAP HANA and SAP Business Integrity Screening. Our mayato team is entrusted with important SAP development tasks. These include using SAPUI5 and delivering SAP HANA artifacts and ABAP developments via CTS. An ideal project for our SAP heroes.

E-commerce: fascinating KPIs. We bring customer data to life.

mayato is developing a big data warehouse solution in the e-commerce sector. It’s an analytics platform on a data vault model. Using KPIs and analyses, our mayato team ensures that the company gets the most out of its customer data. The tasks are exciting, for example: developing a marketing data warehouse for customer analytics; integrating transaction and master data, as well as data from various customer touchpoints, including the web, apps, surveys, newsletters, field sales, etc. KPIs ad infinitum. We’re in our element.

Data science: gripping. Analytics of a special kind.

A renowned major financial services provider in Germany swears by mayato, from strategy to implementation. Our mayato team’s expertise in customer analytics is particularly in demand. Shaping genuine data science projects from start to finish brings exciting findings, both for us and for the customer.

mayato is excellent!