Wir sind überzeugt, dass Zusammenarbeit und Erfahrungsaustausch entscheidende Erfolgsfaktoren sind – für uns und für unsere Kunden. Aus diesem Grund sind wir bereits seit 2017 Teil einer internationalen Unternehmensgruppe.

Doch nun sind wir bereit für unseren nächsten großen Schritt: wir setzen unsere 14 Jahre Expertise von mayato in einen größeren Zusammenhang. Aus 7 internationalen Marken der Unternehmensgruppe wird eine neue starke Marke:

Wir freuen uns, damit unser Portfolio erweitern und Ihnen einen noch größeren Mehrwert bieten zu können. Alle spannenden Informationen dazu finden Sie auf unserer brandneuen Website: careers.positivethinking.tech

Positive Thinking Company – Let’s do something great together!

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team player. team spirit. team mayato.

Our team leads are ready and waiting.

And they’re so happy you’ll soon be on board.

team player. team spirit. team mayato.

Our HR team wants to know more about you!

And you can expect some brilliant advice, too.

mayato – we’re not normal

We’re not normal. Really, we’re not. We’re different. Many people say that about themselves, but we are: We’re passionate about our work, dedicated, digital, enterprising, practical, exacting – and integral to all this is our team spirit. We live and breathe it. It makes us strong, and that’s what makes the difference.

Want to join us? We’re part of the Positive Thinking Company. And that’s exactly how we think: positive – so we can find the ideal solution for our customers. There’s more good news: Because we’re so brilliant, we’re growing fast. If IT, business intelligence, and business analytics are your kind of project and you already have experience in these fields, come straight to us. What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to turbocharge your career as a consultant – junior, mid-level, or senior. If you’re open-minded, a team player, and an initiative taker, you’ll experience great things at mayato – freedom, flexibility, personal development, and team spirit. All these together, regardless of whether you studied computer science, business administration, or psychology.

Join us.
Because we’re not normal. Try us and see.

Want to get to know team mayato?

Anna, Benjamin, Caroline, Paolo, and many more mayato team players look forward to meeting you. And so you can put faces to these names, allow us to introduce you to them and others, too. For example, Alexander, Nadine, Benno …

“I know it sounds too good to be true, but we really do all stick together.”

Duy, Senior Consultant and Project Lead, SAS Team

“There’s a special closeness between team, team leads, and management at mayato.”

Benno, Junior-Consultant, SAS Team

“At mayato, we’re like one big family, so you have the confidence to put forward creative ideas, outside the mainstream.”

Anna, Project Manager, Presales & Marketing Team

“Everyone at mayato is open and helpful.”

Philipp, Student, SAP Team

“I made a dream come true at mayato: I traveled through Southeast Asia, and mayato granted me a sabbatical to do it.”

Patrick, Consultant, Analytics Platforms Team

“I had a gut feeling mayato would be the best choice. And I was right.”

Paolo, Head, SAS Team

“I want to keep the mayato spirit alive.”

Karin, HR Business Partner, HR Team

“We have a ‘do it!’ culture. If someone has a good idea, they’re supported and encouraged to pursue it.”

Nadine, Head of Talent Management, HR Team

“The much-quoted team spirit definitely exists here at mayato! We’re a diverse bunch who work together in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Benjamin, Student, Data Science and Advanced Analytics Team

“mayato had great confidence in me, even when I was still at university. That motivated me.”

Alexander, Consultant, SAS Team

“Every day here really is different, especially because the industry is booming – and we at mayato are among the frontrunners.”

Caroline, Team Leader, Data Science & Advanced Analytics Team